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"I thought I was a fisherman. That was before I met Josh at Rippin Lips. I've chartered him twice. The first time he apologized. It was the best day of fishing I ever experienced, but to him it was sub-par. The second time I cried uncle.... My arms and shoulders were too tired. He puts you on the fish. Period."

                                                               -Jim Z.


Inshore Charters:

Have a great time fishing closer to land, in shallower waters, catching snook, redfish, trout, flounder and more!


Nearshore Charters:

Catch the bigger fish-grouper, snapper, kingfish, sharks, and more on a nearshore charter!


1/2 day (approx. 4 hour)- $700

3/4 day (approx. 6 hours)- $950

Full day (approx. 8 hours)- $1200


*All rates for 4 anglers-$50 for each additional angler.

*Maximum 6 anglers per trip.


Call about rates/times for custom, night, and tarpon charters.


Charter Includes

  • Fishing license, Fishing rods, reels, and tackle

  • Ice, Bait, Fresh water to drink

  • Small cooler for snacks/drinks

  • Cleaning of your catch!                   


Recommended items to bring

  • Snacks/drinks

  • Hats

  • Sunscreen

  •  Long-sleeved shirt

  • Jacket (cold weather/rain)

  • Sunglasses


"I was lucky enough to choose Captain Josh the first time I chose a charter out of the Bradenton/Anna Maria Island area. Because of that lucky decision I need not look further for a local charter. The guy is super friendly and personable. He makes you feel like a friend joining him for a fishing trip, versus a complete strangers/customers. And be ready, because this guy will put you on some fish, big ones. The first time we went out my father caught a 200lbs tarpon. The second time, we caught so many fat boy amberjacks that my shoulder is still sore. Don't pass this opportunity up. Josh is the man!"

                                                        -Chris C.

"Had a great time fishing with Captain Josh today! My son (10) and daughter (8) gave him a 10 on the fun scale. We asked to target sharks and my son wanted a shot at a Jack Crevalle. Captain Josh came through on both and also put us on some table fair. He has a nice boat, good equipment, and a quality guy. I highly recommend Captain Josh and we’ll be back next year for sure."

                                                     -Todd H.

"One of the best days of fishing I've ever had, and I'm a fishing guide in Colorado!! Captain Josh knows his water, is extremely friendly and made the trip an absolute blast. Can't go wrong with RippinLips!"

                                                       -Michael M.

"Went out with Josh and he did a great job putting us on the fish. He was very knowledgeable and worked hard to make sure we had a great time. He is also a cool guy and very fun to spend the day on the boat with. He was great with my son and helped him catch his biggest fish he ever caught. Looking forward to our next trip with Josh. I would recommend taking a trip with Josh if you are looking to catch fish and have a great time."

                                                  -Jason V.

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